The secret lies in the fabric

Tessuto SIXS Carbon Underwear

What makes us unique?

The answer is very simple: it is called Original Carbon Underwear and it is the patented fabric that makes our garments unique.

The result of years of research, the precise blend of technical fibers and distinctive weaving stitch ideally come together to create a fabric designed to help athletes attain a level of comfort never before experienced during their sports activities.

The configuration of Original Carbon Underwear allows sweat to be truly taken away from the skin to the outside due to low density zones properly alternating with light pressure zones.

This peculiarity ensures the athlete correct thermal insulation and optimum breathability under all conditions.

The textile structure

The structure of the fabric just described can be achieved only by combining the weave stitch with technical fibers, and this is why SIXS products are hard to copy.


SIXS fabric section

The low density zones are created by using carbon fiber that not only is extremely hard-wearing and ultralight, but also boasts an enormous thermal insulation capacity (it is, in fact, commonly used in spacesuits).

Its fineness in the form of textile fiber, which makes it practically invisible to the human eye, creates those micro cavities that channel sweat to the outside so the skin is left dry.

The polypropylene, polyamide fiber and polyurethane fiber, complete the blend and add essential characteristics such as: thermal insulation, water-repellency, bending and wear resistance, stretch and nondeformability.

Don’t you believe it? Try it!

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