Introducing WARM CU – COPPER as protection against the cold!


SIXS research and development always starts from the athlete’s needs, so the new SIXS WARM CU winter technical underwear has been designed to guarantee protection and comfort in difficult climates.

SIXS WARM CU is the warmest and most versatile SIXS baselayer for athletes who train and compete in cold climates.

Using the correct underwear, while almost always invisible, is critical to an athlete’s performance during training and competition. Concentration, muscle responsiveness, flexibility, speed and agility are all adversely affected if the athlete is not dry, warm and adequately protected.

Bozzetto Warm CU by SIXS

SIXS WARM CU is a top and pant combination that uses the latest evolutions in seamless knitting manufacturing technologies and advances in material science to offer protection unlike any other.

Both the pants and the WARM CU top are equipped with a new breathable fabric, called BlazeFit, which achieves a targeted combination of aesthetics and performance, in addition to counting copper among the materials present in the composition.

Copper on the skin

The effects of copper fabrics already jumped to the headlines in August 2010, thanks to the special socks delivered to the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days at a depth of 700 meters and who managed to defend them from humidity and infections.

To protect against the chilling effect of unmanaged sweat, the special BlazeFit fabric has been designed to wick away moisture and ensure the comfort of athletes, thanks to the high thermal conductivity of copper, which:

Furthermore, copper has remarkable antibacterial properties as well as a strong antioxidant action and eliminates free radicals, one of the causes responsible for aging. But that’s not all: it relieves cramps, joint or rheumatic pains.


Dettaglio bozzetti WARM CU by SIXS

The distinct mesh panels in the areas that require flexibility (shoulders, elbows and knees) provide unlimited freedom of movement.

Thermal mapping identified areas where warmth is critical, requiring a different knit density for optimal warmth.

The right underwear has a positive impact on the athlete’s mindset, confidence and performance. Perfectly protected from the negative effects of brutal cold or relentless heat, they are able to train and perform without suffering the typical degradation of human skills that occurs in these ruthless environments.

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