KNEE BRACE S – Designed to protect!

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For over 2 years, the SIXS R&D team has worked constantly to create a sock capable of guaranteeing motocross and off-road riders superior and long-lasting comfort.

Thus was born the KNEE BRACE S, specifically designed to be worn with knee pads or knee pads.

Sock is a truly fundamental element in the completion of sportswear: the climatic conditions, the discipline practiced and of course also the aesthetics are all variables that make the choice of this garment really important and, probably, this choice is even more so in those who practice off-road.
The brand new KNEE BRACE S socks, thanks to their seamless design, the absence of pressure points and the revolutionary super-breathable BreathFit Socks fabric, protect rashes caused by the rubbing of the protectors, they help keep the knee pads in their position and do not retain perspiration for perfectly dry skin, always free from bacteria and irritation.An authentic “must-have” for all off-road enthusiasts!
Much more than a sock
Thigh-high, they are maintained in position by an elastic band made with silicone fibers which ensures perfect stability.
The socks, thanks to their close-fitting design, do not create any discomfort, follow the movements of the legs, they do not go down and never move from their position so that the rider can concentrate solely on riding.The light and thin structure keeps the feet cool and dry by perfectly managing perspiration and humidity. The fabric around the heel and malleolus is reinforced to make the socks even stronger and more resistant.The new KNEE BRACE S are designed to be folded over the upper part of the knee pads. By putting them on and pulling them up completely, you can then make a flap so that they can cover the knee protectors for maximum safety.

Main features:

The sock can ideally be divided into two parts:

  • the “leg” (from the thigh to below the knee) is made of 94% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane and 1% Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS, silicone strip)
  • the “racing sock” (foot up to below the knee) is made of 62% polypropylene, 22% polyamide and 16% elastane

Colour: Black/Grey/Yellow

Sizes available: I (36/39) – II (40/43) – III (44/47)

Available at all SIXS resellers and on the website

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